#129 Growing GrubHub to $3 Billion w/ Mike Evans, Co-Founder of GrubHub, Founder of Fixer.com


March 22nd, 2021

23 mins 29 secs

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About this Episode

In #129, futurists tune into an epic interview with Mike Evans, the co-founder of GrubHub and founder of Fixer.com. A few years after graduating M.I.T., Mike didn’t understand why there wasn't an aggregated list of restaurants nearby that delivered to you. So on a bus ride home from his job as a software developer, he coded up the GrubHub MVP, and went out to sell it, restaurant by restaurant. Mike had a blast scaling GrubHub from an MVP to a $3 billion company and he shares some incredible stories about lean startup methodology, selling your first customers, understanding competititon, and why the Gig economy is severely flawed. Exiting the business after its 2014 IPO, Mike is now the founder of Fixer.com, which trains and employs tradespeople (electricians, plumbers) and hires them out to homeowners. If you like what Mike has to say, check out his new book, “Hangry” which documents his journey building GrubHub and his insights on the Gig Economy. This one was insane, don't miss it.

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