#125 Making Moonshots Author, Rahul Rana, on Writing a Book and Landing his Dream Job at Age 19


March 12th, 2021

13 mins 19 secs

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About this Episode

In #125, futurists learn from Rahul Rana (@rrana03), is a sophomore at Rutgers University, an associate at Lux Capital (a VC firm specializing in deeptech), and the 20-year-old author extraordinare of new book "Making Moonshots," a deep-dive into the mindsets, philosophies, and strategies that are conducive to building moonshot companies—deeptech + radical solution + solving huge problems. I was lucky enough to speak on a panel with Rahul, and I was struck by something he said: "creating content maximizes serendipity," which I thought was an amazing way to capture the magic of being a content creator and public-facing personality. By writing a book about his passion for deep-tech companies and "moonshot" startups, countless doors opened for Rahul, including countless introductions, meetings, podcast features, and a job offer at his dream company. As a sophomore in college, Rahul is an associate at the venture capital firm that specializes in the very companies he wrote about in his book, and by becoming a creator, Rahul rode straight into his dream position, skipping any kind of traditional application process. This podcast is a fantastic summary of what a "moonshot" company is, features some great conversations about space companies and the cold war, details the process of writing a book + Rahul's new VC gig, and why creating content = the key to exponential growth and opportunity in the business world. You've got to listen.

Check out Rahul's book: https://www.amazon.com/Making-Moonshots-Rahul-Rana/dp/163676620X

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